Château Angélus Celebrates 2022 Vintage with Exclusive Limited-Edition Bottle

By | 17 February 2024

Château Angélus, a prominent St-Emilion estate, has unveiled an exceptional bottle design for its 2022 vintage to herald a ‘new era’ for the estate. The design boasts 20 carat gold and mother-of-pearl inlays.

A decade following its previous ‘black and gold’ bottle, Angélus revealed that the new limited-edition bottle stands as a ‘fitting showcase’ for what it deems ‘one of the most successful vintages the estate has produced’.

The design on the jet black bottle illustrates a gleaming sun circled by two celestial ellipses, stars, and planets. The entire 2022 vintage, which received a 97-point rating from Bordeaux correspondent Georgie Hindle, from 75cl bottles all the way up to 27-litre ‘Primat’ format, features this design.

The motivation behind the design was dual-faceted. Stéphanie de Boüard-Rivoal, the chairwoman of Angélus, spoke to Decanter and shared that they aimed for ‘something a bit akin to the 2012 Angelus bottle i.e, no label, but an etched bottle instead’. Additionally, she wanted the final design to exhibit a touch of jewellery art, much like a stunning mother-of-pearl bracelet given to her by a cherished friend.

The vernacular associated with the vintage was quite astronomical, which prompted the invitation of Thomas Pesquet, a French aerospace engineer and ex-astronaut, to contribute to the design process.

According to him, ‘This vintage, with its space-inspired theme symbolising an unending quest, reminds us of nature’s infinite and virtuous cycle as well as the changing seasons on this exceptional terroir. It is like an orbit around the earth, perpetually renewing and never truly the same […] With the 2022 vintage, Angélus has managed to push all boundaries, transforming it into a truly divine entity.’

The estate also remarked, ‘Just like the alignment of planets, this wine that promises unparalleled sensations and emotions showcases an extremely symbolic year, which also represents a historic turning point.’

It was in 2022 when Angélus disassociated itself from the St-Emilion classification prior to the announcement of the new rankings.

Angélus was formerly recognized as a Premier Grand Cru Classé ‘A’ status estate according to the last pronouncement in 2012, an honor shared with Châteaux Cheval Blanc and Ausone, both of which likewise retracted from the 2022 edition.

The decision was hinted at by Stéphanie de Boüard-Rivoal, who shared, ‘This bottle signals a fresh chapter for Angelus. Over the past dozen years, we’ve cultivated the estate significantly, and we are presently in a consolidation phase, experiencing a level of autonomy and adaptability previously untapped at Angélus.

‘We’ve managed to escape from a self-imposed rigid structure, allowing us now to primarily concentrate on our commitment to excellence, propelling Angélus to unparalleled heights, fueled by our exceptional zeal.’

Angélus had earlier introduced a bespoke bottle for its 2012 vintage, in recognition of its advancement to Cru Classé ‘A’ tier. Since its introduction, this particular wine has been one of the estate’s highest performing vintages in the secondary market.

St-Emilion’s 2012 classification had a legal aftermath that lasted for over ten years. In March 2022, the French national appellation body, INAO, announced that the 2012 classification had been confirmed by the Bordeaux administrative court of appeal.

After leaving the system it was once a key part of, the estate declared its freedom to explore a new territory. This new quest for perfection, according to the estate, is so rigorous, unique, and complete that it extends beyond any known criteria or other considerations.

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