Why a Bordeaux Oenologist Backs Refošk Grapes in the Face of Climate Change

Bordeaux oenologist and wine consultant Nicolas Vivas has recommended adding the Refošk grape to a list of varieties allowed in the famous French region’s wines. His comments came three years since six ‘new’, non-Bordeaux grape varieties were approved for use on Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur wines, as part of efforts to help producers adapt to… Read More »

New Study Suggests Dinosaur Extinction Paved the Way for the Rise of Grapes

Fresh analysis has offered new evidence of plants from the grape family becoming more prominent after the extinction of the dinosaurs, and researchers suggested this was possibly aided by vines growing relatively undisturbed in forests. It’s a hypothesis that followed the discovery of fossil grape seeds ranging from 19 million to 60 million years old… Read More »

Château Tour des Termes: Embracing a New Era in Winemaking

How an Irish businessman is transforming his recently acquired Bordeaux estate. By Raymond Blake Raymond Blake profiles Château Tour des Termes, the rising St-Estèphe estate now owned by the O’Connor family. At the risk of harping on at tedious length about the strong wine connections between Ireland and Bordeaux—a drum that I may be guilty… Read More »

Katherine Cole Highlights Resilience of Steiner’s Biodynamic Viticulture Amid Controversial Revelations

Katherine Cole is the author of five books on wine, as well as host and executive producer of James Beard Award-winning podcast The Four Top. Katherine Cole profile picture credit: She Saw Things The first anti-industrial, anti-chemical farming movement, predating organics by a couple of decades, biodynamics was a timely reaction to the agrarian population’s… Read More »

Ernst Loosen Unveils New Rieslings on La Place de Bordeaux

Today, the Mosel is a region steeped in deference to its history. New generations of winemakers rarely stray from family recipes, which have helped establish some of the top Riesling houses with hundreds of years of winemaking pedigree. Even in this special part of the wine-growing world, Ernst Loosen‘s new Zach. Bergweiler-Prüm wines show an… Read More »