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Exploring Valpolicella: From Unique Styles to Distinctive Terroir

Finding wines with a sense of place in the land of Amarone. By Sarah Marsh MW On her latest visit to Valpolicella, Sarah Marsh MW explores the vineyards and tastes both apassimento and fresh-grape styles, seeking out producers that reflect her belief that the northeastern Italian region has some very special terroirs. It’s a tough… Read More »

Sotheby’s Auction Provides Significant Funding Boost to Cité du Vin

Called ‘Wine and Dine Experiences’, each lot included limited-edition wines, combined with a lunch and a private tasting at the winery. Winemakers from various corners of the globe made donations to the Sotheby’s auction, with all the proceeds allocated to the Foundation for Wine Culture and Civilisations, the management entity for Cité du Vin. The… Read More »

Guidelines to Becoming a Successful Wine Writer

I believe it was Hugh Johnson who introduced us to the catchy phrase: ‘wine requires words’. Interestingly, we hardly find columns in newspapers about cheese, we hardly ever look up our favorite writers on wheat, or make all our choices about beef, apples or apricots based purely on expert recommendations, wine however, begs to differ.… Read More »

£300,000 Funding Secured for App that Warns Grape Growers of Spring Frost

Spring frost is a significant problem for individuals managing a vineyard in the UK, as this can lead to substantial yield loss. Climate change is causing springs to be warmer, and buds are bursting sooner, making them susceptible to later frost attacks. Terraprima, a sensor producer, the Agri-EPI Centre, an agri-tech company, Plumpton College, Vinescapes… Read More »

Exploring Etna, Sicily with Francesco Modica: A Travel Diary

Website: Francesco was introduced to the art of winemaking at a young age of 14, following the footsteps of his grandfather. He is a proponent of traditional methods and employs the entirely organic process in the Sciara Nuova contrada. All his wines are made in palmento, they are foot-trodden and moved by gravity. The… Read More »