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Review and Analysis of 2012 Billecart-Salmon Louis Salmon Blanc de Blancs and Elisabeth Salmon Rosé

The latest thrilling vintage releases of the Mareuil-sur-Aÿ house’s top cuvées By Anne Krebiehl MW “We do not put our ancestors’ names lightly on a bottle,” said Mathieu Roland-Billecart of Champagne Billecart-Salmon. The seventh generation of his family to run the Mareuil-sur-Aÿ-based Champagne house, he was in London to launch two of Billecart-Salmon’s founders’ cuvées:… Read More »

Chile’s 2024 Harvest Reports: Lower Yields but Superior Quality

The 2023/2024 season stands out as yet another peculiar phase for Chile. Unlike the severe summer during the 2023 vintage, this season has been earmarked by lukewarm temperatures. Remarkably, the weather has had varying impacts between the northern area and the rest of the country during the harvest of 2024. Due to the transitional phase… Read More »

Exploring the World of Champagne: An Introduction

Where is it? This area is situated in France’s northeast corner, close to 49 degrees north – the farthest boundary where grapes can ripen effectively. Influenced by both the quelling effect of the sea and the extreme climatic conditions seen in continental regions, the interaction of these two forces is a vital factor that brings… Read More »

Exploring the Concept of Past Lives

Looking back on a 37-year relationship with Burgundy. By Harry Eyres Celine Song’s wonderful movie prompts Harry Eyres to reflect on a lifetime of Burgundy. The beautiful, exquisitely shot and acted, heartbreakingly poignant film Past Lives, directed by the Korean-Canadian playwright Celine Song, plays strange tricks with time. The action jumps forward and backward in… Read More »

Down to Earth: An Unfiltered Perspective from a Candid Vintner

A vintner’s memoir should be compulsory reading for anyone considering a career as a winemaker. By Raymond Blake Raymond Blake reviews Climbing the Vines in Burgundy: How an American Came to Own a Legendary Vineyard in France by Alex Gambal. Gambal looks like he’s suffering from a week’s jet lag. A sense of relief rather… Read More »

The Exhilarating Merry-Go-Round of Burgundy’s Grand Vineyards

A flurry of acquisitions and exchanges has brought significant change to the ownership of some of Burgundy’s biggest names. By Sarah Marsh MW There is nothing new about vineyards changing hands in Burgundy. Were it so, much of Burgundy would still belong to the Church. Nor does the acquisition of choice vineyards by outside investors—luxury… Read More »