Highlighting the Success Stories of World’s Best Wine Lists Winners: A Focus on Terzo

By | 17 February 2024

Charlie Broder on the outstanding Italian-focused wine program at Terzo in Minneapolis.


The World of Fine Wine Team

With entries now open for the

2024 World’s Best Wine Lists awards, we asked some of the 2023 winners about their approach to building an award-winning list. This week, Charlie Broder, director of operations at Broders’ Restaurants, explains how his team put together the

Best Value Wine List in North America at

Terzo in Minneapolis.

What does Winning a WBWL award mean to you and the team at Terzo?

Winning this recognition is a surreal and humbling accomplishment. We strive to deliver our passion for Italy and Italian wines every day on a small corner of southwest Minneapolis for the community we are a part of and to be recognized at a global level is just a joy and testament to our continued dedication towards excellence.

What are you trying to achieve with your list?

Our mission with the wine program at Terzo is to celebrate Italian wines by creating experiences that focus on the enjoyment of wine, the importance of terroir and regional identity, and the significance of classic, modern, natural and historic producers throughout Italy. 

We enjoy demystifying the vast and complex spectrum of Italian wines for those with an interest. We aim to dismantle hurdles of availability and intimidation, as well as to humanize the industry to allow the artisans who produce these magnificent wines to be duly celebrated and esteemed.

How do you perceive the greatest advantage of the Terzo list?

The substantial range and variety of our selection, plus our concentration on Italian wines, are the powers we possess. The dedication to a wine program like ours is a rarity in our trade and we believe it to be our most substantial edge, in combination with the plethora of accomplished hospitality professionals who opt to fortify the restaurant and program with their skills and craftsmanship.

Can you mention three wines on your list that most accurately depict your objectives?

The Baroli of Giacomo Fennocchio, Chianti of Istine, and the Collio offerings from Roncho del Genmiz are great examples of highlighting the excellence that Italian wines can reach. Each of these producers, while well regarded in professional circles, seem to be underappreciated on a broader scale, and our ability to support and highlight these producers is what defines our commitment to valuing what could be considered some of the best wine in Italy.

What is your favourite wine and food pairing based on a wine and a dish served at Terzo?

It’s a bit of a simplistic response as much of the best wine experiences are, but our heart lies in Piedmont and our Tajarin pasta with mushroom ragu served with Brovia Rocche di Castiglione 2011 was a standout when served recently. Brovia’s classical Baroli are staples of the cellar and this regionally inspired pairing transports me back to moments in the Langhe that have shaped what we do at Terzo.

Aside from the list itself, what other things can you tell us about your wine programme?

Claire Maxwell, a promising figure in the local wine landscape, now graces our team. Our aspiration to make the entire team proficient in the intricate world of wines, and in understanding our carefully chosen wine options, has been further boosted by Claire’s presence. Her zest for imparting knowledge and her outstanding service skills have amplified our capabilities and pleasure in seizing this grand chance offered by Terzo’s wine program. We’ve embarked on initiating events and promotional actions, like uncorking cellar wines on a weekly basis to serve aged wines by the glass, offering discounts to entice our patrons to delve deeper into our cellar effortlessly and celebrating these magnificent wines while we share them with the public. It’s an attempt to heighten the pleasure quotient and draw more people into the luxurious world of fine wines.

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