Exploring the Highlights of Ag.Hora Loureiro Gio Chezade x Soalheiro 2020 Vinho Verde from Portugal

By | 14 June 2024

So impressed by this wine! I tried it a while back, then bought a bottle and recently cracked it, and it was amazing. Tracked it over three days: it progressively developed to be a bit more like a biologically aged sherry. Very fine.

Ag.Hora Loureiro Gio Chezade x Soalheiro 2020 Vinho Verde, Portugal
12.5% alcohol. Ag.Hora is a collaboration between Gio Chezade (originally from Georgia, now resident in Portugal) and Luis Cerdeira of Soalherio. This Loureiro is fermented on skins in amphorae. Complex and layered, with a bit of structure under the powerful pear and citrus fruit, with a touch of orange peel, toast and honey in the background. It has good acidity and a slight salinity, and some chalkiness and stony minerality. Quite beautiful with freshness, balance and elegance. Such refinement here, and completely pure. 95/100

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