Exploring the Highlights of Barbadilllo Manzanilla Solear NV from Spain

By | 8 June 2024

Is there a better value wine than biologically aged Fino Sherry and Manzanilla? This Solear from Barbadillo is available on the shelf in the UK today for £10 and it’s quite beautiful. It’s not the ‘best’ out there, but it’s pure, delicate and drinkable and uses flor character to good effect – not as make-up. Food friendly and bright, and you can drink it like white wine on a hot day.

Barbadillo Manzanilla Solear NV Spain
15% alcohol. Full yellow in colour this has a sense of delicacy: it’s fresh, quite fruity, has nice brightness, and then a moderate tang from the flor. You can get more concentrated, intense biologically aged Manzanillas, but this one has drinkability, balance and real class. There’s a nice saltiness, and just a hint of old cask richness lingering in the background. Chill this down and drink liberally, and it goes so well with the tin of Perelló olives the sample came with! 92/100 (Retail is £12 per 75 cl bottle, but it’s often found in half bottles. Waitrose currently have this for £9.99/75 cl which is a total bargain. The Wine Society has this for £6.95 for a half bottle.)

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