Unveiling the Latest Wine Releases from Gilvesy, Balaton, Hungary

By | 25 May 2024

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Robert Gilvesy was born and raised on a farm lieing by the shores of Lake Erie, in Ontario, Canada. However, his roots traced their origin back to Hungary, his parents’ homeland; he got the chance to visit at the youthly age of 15. Such visit pulled the heartstrings of attachment to a land he found irresistible so much that he chose to relocate after a short stint as an architect in Paris, following the collapse of the notorious Berlin Wall. The inception of his winery dates back to 2012, where he picked up an ancient cellar and repurposed it. Within 2 years, his farming techniques became completely organic.

Without a shadow of doubt, Gilvesy’s vineyards thrive on an exceptional terroir. The Mount Saint George or in Hungarian Szent György-Hegy, is a prehistoric volcanic mound situated south of Lake Balaton. It has a unique soil composition – a foundation of volcanic basalt glazed with a layer of eroded loess, sand, and clay. The small heap that it forms on the plain became the irresistible terroir that persuaded Robert to plant his vineyards here. A combination of vineyards planted during the communist era and the ones he cultivated himself depicts the vineyard’s panorama.

The rich history of winemaking in his cellar can be traced back to the 17th century when it was a part of the grand Esterhazy estate. Some of the wine types produced at Gilvesy include Riesling, Furmint, Olaszrizling, and Sauvignon Blanc.

Gilvesy George Volcanic Cuvée 2022 Badascon, Hungary (new label for this wine from 2022, which looks v nice)
12% alcohol. A mix of Furmint, Olaszrizling and Rajnai Rizling. Refined, presenting rich pear and peach fruit with melon and pleasant acidity. It holds grapey richness and bright, grainy, slightly spicy framing that keeps everything in balance. Remarkable, refined fruitiness. 91/100

Gilvesy St George Cuvée 2021 Badacson, Hungary
12% alcohol. Organic. A combination of Furmint, Olaszrizling and Rajnai Rizling. Expresses brightness and intensity with a mineral edge to the spirited lime and lemon fruit along with green apple notes and a wet stone characteristic. It’s fruity and refined, with a pithy edge and structure. Pleasing and well-balanced, enhancing the citrus-led dry white’s allure. More-ish. 91/100

Gilvesy Mogyorós Sauvignon Blanc 2019 Balaton, Hungary
12% alcohol. Organic. A considerably unique Sauvignon, highly aromatic with hints of elderflower, a green herbal note, lime blossom, and a sprinkle of cardamon. The palate is refreshing, with a hint of mint, some lemongrass and a twist of grapefruit. It’s dynamic and alert, holding beautiful fruit, but with an extra dimension. 94/100

Gilvesy Pixu Furmint 2022 Balaton, Hungary
11.5% alcohol. Prepared in a low intervention style. This Furmint has a fantastic nose of chalk, bruised apple, lemon, talcum powder, and a hint of the seaside. The palate is fresh and detailed, with complex citrus fruits, saline notes and a mineral dimension. Truly refined, with a dash of white pepper and a beautiful texture that conceals the remarkable acidity. A truly wonderful expression of Furmint. 94/100

Gilvesy Váradi Furmint 2020

12% alcohol. This wine is taut, fresh, pure, and quite transparent with delightful lemony fruit. Crisp, pristine and focused with a saline twist to the lemon and green apple fruit. The precision is admirable, with a delicate mandarin note on the finish. This textural wine has real finesse and more fruit than one would expect in a Tokaji Furmint. 94/100

Older notes:

Gilvesy Pezsgö Traditional Method NV Balaton, Hungary

Lively and focused with lovely taut citrus fruit, pleasant brightness, and good acidity. It’s linear and intense with a compelling citrus fruit flavor. Impressive. 91/100

Gilvesy St George Cuvée 2019 Balaton, Hungary

12.5% alcohol. This is an organic blend of Rajnai Rizling, Olaszrizling, and Furmint. It is a crisp dry white with a pleasing chalky, mineral texture underlying the pear and citrus fruit flavors. There is a hint of mandarin and white pepper that adds a spiced, fruity touch to the finish. The purity is outstanding and there is considerable delicacy. Taste profile includes vibrant lime and lemon flavors, presented with freshness and precision. 91/100

Gilvesy Pixu Furmint 2019 Badascon, Hungary
No added sulfites until bottling, and full malolactic. Refined nose of pear and citrus with some fine spicy notes. Lively, mineral and very expressive with subtle creamy hints. 93/100

Gilvesy Váradi Furmint 2019 Badascon, Hungary
Very linear, fresh and taut with a crystalline character. Showcases lovely precision to the taut lemony fruit, and a distinctive mineral character. Very fine. 94/100

Gilvesy Tarányi Rajnai Rizling 2019 Badascon, Hungary
Alcohol volume is 12.5%. Grown organically in a single vineyard Riesling from the south slope of the Mount Saint George extinct volcano. Aged 50-year-old vines. Lovely aromatics feature lemons, white pepper, fine herbs, some floral notes, and a touch of mint. The palate enjoys good concentration with fine yellow plum and pear fruit as well as a grainy, mineral, slightly chalky texture. This is fresh, fine, and dry, with lovely fruit presence and a really nice spicy, mineral mouthfeel. 93/100

Gilvesy Váradi Furmint 2018 Badascon, Hungary
Alcoholic content is 12.5%. This wine is lively and intense on the nose with lime and lemon thrust as well as a hint of spice. Peppery with lively lemony acidity paired with some pithy grapefruit character and a bit of structure. Real intensity present here with a major acid blast but also vivid fruit: it’s very characteristic of Furmint, with a touch of apricot and marmalade on the finish. Additional spicy citrus notes at the end of the palate. A highly interesting, concentrated white wine. 92/100

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