Diving Into the Highlights of Champagne Louis Roederer Collection 244 MV

By | 16 May 2024

Roederer is a necessity for all Champagne lovers. Currently making quite a splash in the Champagne industry, Roederer is a grower for all products beyond the non-vintage level – the company farms a robust 135 hectares in an organic and biodynamic approach. Taking a page from Krug’s and Lanson’s books, Roederer chose to number each non-vintage release, a unique touch that creates intrigue while maintaining the non-vintage status to avail the use of reserve wines. This approach cleverly eliminates the need to re-sell the wine or modify the wine list each time.

In addition to their innovative ways, they have Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon, an exceptional chef du cave. The Collection 244, predominantly hinging on the 2019 vintage, makes up 54% of the blend where 5% comes from large-format oak. A second component comprises 10% of the blend, which is reserve wines from large oak dating back to 2012-2018. The third component is a perpetual reserve initiated in 2012 and aged in stainless steel, contributing to 36% of the base wine blend. This exquisite wine debuted at the Marks & Spencer press tasting and comes at a steal for £55.

Review: Champagne Louis Roederer Collection 244 MV France
Lush yet intricate, with bright, lemony notes providing exceptional purity to the fruit. The vividness of the fruit is evident, enhanced by the underlying mandarin complexity and subtle toasty hints. Its balance and length are truly admirable, culminating in a precise finish. An exceptionally enjoyable bottle, rated at 93/100.

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