Journey Through Côtes du Rhône Villages Massif d’Uchaux with Walls

By | 24 April 2024

An incredible amount of wine is crafted under the general Côtes du Rhône designation. To put it into perspective, around 167 million bottles were produced in 2022 alone. While a significant portion of this production might be considered average at best, a small percentage truly stands above and surpasses the criteria of the designation. The most exceptional among all is without a doubt, Château de Fonsalette.

This esteemed château is one among three properties owned by Emmanuel Reynaud, with the most recognized of the trifecta being Château Rayas in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Even though Fonsalette may not share the same high profile, its wines are nonetheless, highly sought after. An instance of this desirability can be observed at Hedonism Wines in London, where the 2009 vintage fetches a handsome £580 per bottle.

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