Exploring the Highlights of Crystallum Peter Max Pinot Noir 2021 from Western Cape, South Africa

By | 16 April 2024

I paid a visit to Peter-Allan Finlayson at Gabrielskloof in November. His Crystallum wines have a special place in my heart and I never hesitate to try them out whenever I spot them. Gave one recent bottle a taste that provided much enjoyment.

Crystallum Peter Max Pinot Noir 2021 Western Cape, South Africa
With an alcohol content of 14%. This divine blend offers aromatic sweet red fruits and tangy green notes, followed by rich red cherries and wild strawberries. It has a soft, silky texture with a hint of bold strawberry and red cherry flavors accompanied by some structure. Its complexity and the pure pleasure it offers makes it an excellent choice. A well-deserved 93/100 score.

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