Experiencing Time: A Vertical Tasting of Château Mont-Redon from 1961 to 2022

By | 27 March 2024

As I ventured into a petite village just above Châteauneuf-du-Pape, I was curious about identifying Château Mont-Redon. I soon comprehended that the entire village was Château Mont-Redon.

Typically, a Châteauneuf estate encompasses 10 hectares of vineyards accompanied by a small, practical winery. Mont-Redon, in contrast, owns its petrol station and hires a permanent mechanic to look after its tractor fleet. Its enormity allows it to possess a library of older vintages stretching back over several decades. I was intrigued to validate whether its reputation for extraordinarily enduring wines is justified.

The wines are arranged from the youngest to the oldest

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